Jennifer Cormaney Psychotherapist at Bijelic Counseling in Cedar Falls Iowa

Jennifer Cormaney



Hello! I’m Jenn.

As a therapist, I think of how amazing it is when my clients choose to work through their biggest worries and difficult moments. I realize how brave clients are to do so. I am humane and I am passionate about having therapy be a safe space, where I can support your healing and your values. Your mental health does not define who you are. Instead, your vulnerability will help you develop your full potential.

A typical session with me will include:

  • Empathetic listening and a judgment-free zone.
  • Exploring your thoughts, feelings, relationships, and functioning.
  • Partnering with you to discuss techniques to help you work toward your goals. A plan of what you would like to work on in your therapy sessions.
  • Updates on how you have been in between sessions.
  • Celebrating your successes and discussions on your genuine happiness.


Seeking therapy is a big step, and the first step to healing.

I am honored to work with you and support you.

Don’t ever be ashamed of loving the strange things that make your weird little heart happy